In 1967, Ed Everett, attended a pastors conference in Florida because he had the biggest car in the church. During the conference one night a man with no arms and no legs played the hymn, ‘Jesus Use Me.‘  Ed thought, ‘If God can use a man with no arms and no legs to play an organ and minister to me, surely Jesus can use me.‘  That day Ed went forward and gave his life to serve God.

After praying and asking for direction, God led Ed and his family to Ensenada, Mexico to minister to the deaf community, and founded Rancho Sordo Mudo, where the Everett family has been ministering for the past 42 years, serving over 400 deaf in Mexico.

In 2011, Leah and I lead worship in Ensenada, Mexico for Azusa Pacific University’s Mexico Outreach. During that camp we met Luke Everett, the son of Ed Everett and now director of Rancho Sordo Mudo.  Luke was the camp speaker and as he shared the testimony of how his father gave his life through the song ‘Jesus Use Me,‘ he encouraged us saying, ‘God can use anyone with a willing heart.’

The prayer, ‘Jesus use me,’ resonated deep down in our souls and as we thought about our worship ministry and mission as worship leaders to, ‘be a catalyst in awakening the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus,‘  We knew this is where God was leading us to focus the next season in ministry. Leading people to the place of praying the prayer, ‘Jesus use me.’

Not everyone who prays the prayer, ‘Jesus use me,’ will become a missionary, but God is looking for people to use in everyday situations to be His hands and feet.  In our families, our work place, our local churches, our communities, in our world.  

For Leah and I, God has given us a vision to encourage people around the world through worship music, Jesus Use Me Conference, and developing resources that would lead people to the place of praying the prayer, ‘Jesus use me.’  Will you join us in encouraging thousands to pray this prayer!  We want to be used by Jesus!

David Gaulton

Founder of the Jesus Use Me Movement